Trailblazers & Influencers


Rosie McKeown

Sustainable fashion advocate
UK 8173

Jo Waddington

Celebrating the UK's first pre-owned luxury social
UK 8173

Vanessa Naish

Fashion positivity and sustainability
UK 12176

Krissy Youth

Lifestyle • Home • Music • Travel • Singer
UK 12176

Anita Huynh

Business casual and fun active wear, nice dresses
UK 12165

Jenny Varley

Where work is designed for people
UK 10174

Federica Dell'Ungaro

Classic with a twist!
UK 8160

Charlotte Haram

UK 8166

Sarah Ann Macklin

UK 6177

Millie Charles-Davies

Tailored, chic & timeless style
UK 6174

Tania Hergenhahn

Minimal, Classic, Mixing Luxury, Vintage and Susta
UK 8170

Anna Khanova

Natural, Classic, Contemporary
UK 8170

Ciara Charteris

Feel good
UK 6

Jenny Lam

Effortless timeless chic
UK 8157

Adele Cany

Street, versatile, responsible
UK 8162

Emmajane Varley

Mother to many things. Except kitten heels.
UK 10171

Lucy Kebbell

Rock n’ Roll, Vintage & Timeless Basics
UK 8165

Charly Suggett

Considered, Playful, Comfortable
UK 10165

Andrea Raffety

Hi, I am new to StyleSwap
UK 6173

Ingrid Rasmussen

Takes you into the homes and studios of style pion
UK 8170

Mimi Doctor

Photographer, naturalist, curious to all things he
UK 10170

Gemma Deeks

Hi I'm new to Style Swap
UK 8172


StyleSwap's official account

Nicki Shields

TV Presenter on BBC, CNN and ITV

Shani Halstead

I’m new to Styleswap but love fashion and love t
UK 14173

Mel Nason

kannayo okolie

UK 14167

Nana Darko


Soph Callender

To be continued….
UK 6157

Steph Wilson

Contributing Fashion Editor and Stylist - Elle, Gr
UK 10-12173

Lindsey Casfikis

New here and clearing out my closet!
UK 8155

Chloe Beeney

UK 8168

VIP Exclusive Wardrobe

The ultimate destination for luxury pre-loved fash
UK 8170

Leslie Smit

Lover of art, wanting to make fashion circular
UK 8165