StyleSwap creates a digital playground for the new conscious customer, with our planet and people at the heart of our mission. A creative community of style storytellers where you can shop, monetize and save the planet.

About StyleSwap

In 2019 CEO and former fashion designer Jo Waddington realised the process of finding pre-loved fashion and shopping sustainably was uninspiring and slow. Trawling through 1000s of products leads many to buy new clothes which has a negative impact on the environment.   

Jo founded StyleSwap to bring new levels of ease and innovation to shopping pre-loved fashion. Like a sustainable personal shopping service online, StyleSwap has created a brand new way to connect you to killer pre-loved fashion pieces and stylish wardrobes.

“I founded StyleSwap as I felt strongly that I wanted to positively contribute to the much needed change in our fashion industry. I have always loved the art of shopping; expression through fashion is a liberating experience. StyleSwap is good for the planet and great for your wallet. One of the many challenges of shopping pre-loved is sizing and photography, two areas we are excited to disrupt."


StyleSwap’s innovation is the first to bring to life quality pre-loved fashion based on your personal fashion style, favorite brands and your body shape, like you’ve never been able to before. If you say you love puff sleeves we will show you puff sleeves!  

Powered by your personal preferences you set in your fashion quiz and AI, StyleSwap saves you the time and hassle of endless scrolling.  

Your ‘For You’ page connects you to fashion pieces and stylish wardrobes personalised just for you.


You get matched to stylish sellers and products based on your unique preferences you set. It offers you an Instagram-like and social shopping experience with great photography on real people you can discover and get inspired by. 

This means if you want to detox and monetise your wardrobe, our tech will also show your items to the relevant people so that selling is fast and enjoyable.  

Our digital playground for fashion also allows you to shop by ‘by body shape’, ‘by aesthetic’, or ‘by occasion’ just as you would in a physical store.


StyleSwap was created to help people feel happier about their fashion choices. Our vision as a global community of stylish women is to educate and mobilise women to fight the wasteful nature of fast fashion, whilst not compromising on style.

We believe in empowering women to extend the life of their wardrobes and enjoy changing outfits and individuality without impacting the planet.  

By buying, wearing and selling our fashion pieces regularly we can empower women everywhere to be thought-leaders and become part of a sustainable fashion future. 


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If everyone bought one preloved item a year, it would save 5.7 billion lbs of CO2 emissions

10% Off

Sign up to our newsletter and get 10% off your next purchase

If everyone bought one preloved item a year, it would save 5.7 billion lbs of CO2 emissions