Frequently Asked Questions

StyleSwap is your new community-driven marketplace, revolutionising the way you discover and shop pre-loved premium and luxury fashion. You can buy from sellers, sell your own pieces and avoid the time-consuming scroll for pre-loved gems by taking your personal style quiz. We’ll match you to pieces in your unique style, shape and size, making it easier, quicker and more fun to find the perfect item!

With planet and people at the heart of our mission, we created StyleSwap to give you the power to shop smarter and feel happier about your fashion choices. We believe in empowering women to extend the life of their wardrobes without compromising on style or impacting the planet.

StyleSwap makes pre-loved shopping quicker and easier than ever before. Once you’ve signed up, you can take your personal fashion quiz and set your style preferences. This will give us a great idea of the pieces we know you’ll love. You’ll get your results and you can see your unique score and the fashion profiles you’ve been matched to. 

If you’ve completed your quiz, you can browse your very own For You page with pieces and sellers matched to your unique style, shape and size. So for example if you love puff sleeves and waist detail dresses, StyleSwap will match you with the UK’s best wardrobes that are filled with puff sleeves and all of your favourite things you entered into your quiz. If you want to search for pieces more broadly, you can head to the clothing page and filter your search.

Wardrobe bursting at the seams? Recently detoxed your closet? Once you’ve created your StyleSwap profile and added your PayPal details, you can easily list items from home. Simply add some photos, a description and further details and upload it. Like Netflix, our innovative technology quickly matches the items you are selling to suitable buyers on our platform. StyleSwap streamlines the selling process by connecting your listings to our network of buyers.  If you have puff sleeves for sale, StyleSwap will show those items to our users who have told us they love puff sleeves.

It’s really simple to buy an item from one of our sellers. 

  1. Select your item > Click add to basket 
  2. Ready to checkout? Tap on the basket icon in the top right corner
  3. Hit Proceed to Checkout
  4. Add your Shipping and Billing Addresses
  5. Proceed to payment via the PayPal Checkout – you can also pay by card via the PayPal checkout if you don’t have money in your PayPal balance/wallet.
  6. Congratulations! You’ve checked out.
  7. We’ll email you a receipt for your purchase and you can review your order details on your StyleSwap profile under ‘Purchases’

If you’re experiencing any issues during the checkout process, please get in touch with us at

It’s free to list your items in and you’ll only be charged once an item is sold.

For sellers, a 12% StyleSwap commission fee is charged on the total transaction amount (including shipping costs). You will also be charged a standard transaction by PayPal of around 2.9% + £/€0.30. Please note that transaction fees may vary based on your location and PayPal account setup. For example, if you are in the US, the standard Paypal fee is around 3.49% + $0.49. For buyers, a 3% transaction fee will be applied to your order. This is to ensure StyleSwap can provide buyers with a safe and secure buying experience.

You can upload any item to StyleSwap that fits our criteria below:

The retail value of the item is above £150 and below £2,500 and is less than 6 years old.

StyleSwap reserves the right to edit part-completed listings or remove listings that do not adhere to the criteria above.

Pre-loved womenswear, bags & shoes must be originally worth a minimum of £150 RRP up to luxury items. No fast fashion please. Think…

See some inspiration below of the top 10 brands that people love to buy:

The Vampire’s Wife
Realisation Par
Self Portrait
Rat & Boa

You cannot list items purchased originally for less than £150 RRP. We do not accept:

If you are seeking a refund because you’ve changed your mind, this will have to be arranged and agreed between you and the seller. Private sellers are not required by law to offer returns and refunds. Always contact the seller before you buy to check what their individual return and refund policy is. 

If the seller cannot offer a return, you can resell the item on StyleSwap with 0% commission. Contact us so we can take the commission off your piece.

I haven’t received my item

StyleSwap encourages all sellers to send items via next day, tracked delivery so that they are protected in the best way possible. However, if an item doesn’t turn up, you can start a dispute in the PayPal resolution centre to be refunded if the seller cannot show proof of postage. You can do this up to 180 days after the purchase.

Log in to your PayPal account > Open a dispute in the Resolution Centre within 180 calendar days of your purchase > Click “Dispute a Transaction.” > Select item for dispute.

My item is not as described

If your item has arrived and does not match the description in the listing (e.g damage not described or the sizing has been incorrectly described) you can file a dispute on PayPal by following the steps below:

Log in to your PayPal account > Open a dispute in the Resolution Center within 180 calendar days of your purchase > Click “Dispute a Transaction.” > Select item for dispute > Upload proof of the issue with the item > Submit to PayPal for review

  • If PayPal close a claim in your favour they will ask you to return the item to the seller using tracked mail (they will provide you with the seller’s address)
  • PayPal will hold the payment until the seller receives the item
  • Once the seller receives the item, the full amount you paid will be transferred back into your PayPal account

I changed my mind about my purchase

Private sellers are not required by law to offer returns and refunds. Contact StyleSwap at to explain the situation and we will ask them to consider a refund. If the seller cannot offer a return, consider reselling the item.

The seller has agreed to give me a refund

  • If a return is agreed because you changed your mind about your purchase, make sure you post your item using only tracked Royal Mail (next day, special delivery)
  • Get in contact with us at if you have returned your item but have not received a refund
  • Please keep proof of shipping for the return

When listing an item we recommend following the below pricing suggestions for the optimal resale price for your items. We have worked hard to come up with the price points at which we know items sell best.

  • Brand new (with tags): 70% of the original retail price
  • Brand new (without tags): 60% of the original retail price
  • Excellent condition (lightly used): 50% of the original retail price
  • Good condition (moderately used): 40% of the original retail price
  • Fair condition (frequently used): 30% of the original retail price

As a seller, you are able to set your own prices away from this guide, and we encourage looking at similar listings elsewhere and matching the price of these where possible. You may wish to drop the price to make more sales, or to push it higher if you feel your piece is in high demand! Ultimately, you have control!

Top Tip: Set your prices slightly lower than similar listings to attract more sales.

To get paid for your sales, you must enter your paypal email address under the ‘Payments’ section of your StyleSwap profile upon your account setup. To do this, login > head to your StyleSwap profile > click ‘Payments’ and add your PayPal address. Once the buyer has bought your item, the money they have paid will go straight into your PayPal account, you will be charged a 10% commission fee from StyleSwap and a small PayPal fee which will be deduced from this amount.

Congratulations on circulating fashion far a wide! Firstly, you need to package your item ready for sending. You can send with a courier of your choice. Similarly to sending UK parcels, we recommend Royal Mail as they provide a reliable and affordable service. However, if you would like to explore more options, you can visit where you can explore a wide variety of postage options. Be sure to have a printer at the ready as most international services currently require you to print and affix the postage label before dropping it at a drop-off point.

Our recommendation is Royal Mail but there are also many other services you can choose to post with. Please see if you would like to obtain quotes from other couriers.


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If everyone bought one preloved item a year, it would save 5.7 billion lbs of CO2 emissions

10% Off

Sign up to our newsletter and get 10% off your next purchase

If everyone bought one preloved item a year, it would save 5.7 billion lbs of CO2 emissions