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The Vampire’s Wife
Realisation Par
Self Portrait
Rat & Boa

We curate our new arrivals with the latest contemporary and designer pieces we know you’ll love.

You can upload any item to StyleSwap that fits our criteria below:

The retail value of the item is above £120 and below £2,500;

The item is less than 2 years old (unless it’s vintage, we love vintage!):

The item is in excellent condition.

StyleSwap reserves the right to edit part-completed listings or remove listings that do not adhere to the criteria above.

When listing an item you will be guided by StyleSwap as to the optimal rental fee. We have worked hard to come up with the price points at which we know items rent best.

This is typically 10%-15% of the retail price. As the lender, you are able to override the suggested pricing. You may wish to drop the price to get more rentals or to push it higher if you feel your piece is in high demand! Ultimately, you have control!

Top Tip: Look at similar listings and set your prices slightly lower to attract more rentals.