How to Sell

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Photograph your item, add a description, and upload in under 2 mins, with full flexibility on pricing

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Send the parcel directly out to your customer fuss-free via Tracked Royal Mail

Get paid

Selling your fashion is good for the planet and great for your wallet. Get paid immediately via PayPal

Any questions? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Check out our FAQs for an queries or contact us for any support

Setting up my profile

All you need is a photo, short bio and your PayPal details

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What products can I sell?

We also now stock:
– Jackets & coats
– Bags


Tops & Blouses


Jumpsuits & Playsuits

What type of fashion can I sell?

Pre-loved womenswear & bags must be originally worth a minimum of £150 RRP up to luxury items. No fast fashion please. Think…

Brands We Love


We like to impress as this is the first photo out of five that your buyer will see. Pick one…


The Instagram snap

Preferred cover photo


The mirror selfie

Preferred cover photo


The hanging shot

Nice hangers and back drop

Five photos in total

We try to get a photo of the item being worn for the cover shot where possible. Defects must be clearly photographed, if any.

Out or at home

Cover photo

Front view

Second photo

Back view

Third photo

Show defects or details

Fourth photo

Brand label photo

Fifth photo

What price shall I sell my item for?

What did you pay originally?

We sell pre-loved items for 30-70% less than their RRP. Research the price of your item online and don’t overprice

Good condition items

The better condition your items are the higher the price you can set

Is your item unique?

Research your item’s availability online, if it is unique you can charge more

What brand?

See our sellers guide for the luxury and premium brands with the best resale value

Item conditionSuggested price
Brand new (with tags)70% of the original retail price
Brand new (without tags)60% of the original retail price
Excellent condition (lightly used)50% of the original retail price
Good condition (moderately used)40% of the original retail price
Fair condition (frequently used)30% of the original retail price

What does StyleSwap not sell?

StyleSwap does not stock items purchased originally for less than £150 RRP.
We do not accept:

How much is the commission?

The commission is to be calculated according to the price of your item.

Sellers on StyleSwap pay 10% commission per item.

What are the StyleSwap fees at checkout for?

The 8% handling fee covers the costs of our platform and transaction fees to give you the best service possible.

Send us a WhatsApp

If you have items to sell or any questions please drop us a line

Send us a photo of your item and we’ll get you get set up in two minutes


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If everyone bought one preloved item a year, it would save 5.7 billion lbs of CO2 emissions

10% Off

Sign up to our newsletter and get 10% off your next purchase

If everyone bought one preloved item a year, it would save 5.7 billion lbs of CO2 emissions